No More Cheques. Period.

Save the hand cramps from signing cheques and enjoy one-click payment approvals.

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Payroll one-click approval

Reduce fraud.

Separting duties between us and you will reduce fraud in your business.

Before working with Blueprint.

One person managed your entire supplier payment process. That's a big no-no and increases the risk of fraud.

After working with Blueprint.

We handle submissions and you handle approvals. It's a smooth process to reduce the risk of fraud in your business.

One-click Approvals.

Get an email when payments are ready for your review AND approve them with a single click of your mouse.

supplier payments reduce fraud
supplier payments better relationships

Improve cash flow management

Have better control over your cash outflows when you pay supplier invoices by their due date, not immediately upon receipt.

Enhance supplier relationships

Provide timely and accurate payments to your suppliers to keep them happy and updated on the status of all payments due.

supplier payments improve cashflow

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