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Pay your team on-time, every time and ensure compliance with government agencies.

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payroll on auto-pilot

One-click approvals.

Approving payroll is as simple as one click. We enter your payroll updates and either we or you can approve in the software.

You approve payroll.

We'll tell you when you need to approve payroll and it's as simple as a few clicks.

We approve payroll.

We'll review and approve your payroll for you and let you know how much your final payroll is.

Payroll on auto-pilot.

CRA remittances are done automatically after payroll is approved. No additional (and manual) payments needed.

Payroll one-click approval
payroll employee portal


Actually take that vacation you had planned. Enjoy the view while you're there. We'll handle your payroll and keep you updated.

Employee portal.

Employees have access to a portal to view pay stubs and update their personal information.

payroll stress free

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