FirmOS, a Notion Template for Accounting Firms

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Track processes across the firm

One place to find all your process documentation. Create process documentation for internal and client-facing processes. Tie each process back to a client or department so you can easily find what you need in the future. Cross-training has never been easier.

Manage your marketing content

Manage your marketing content with the Content Matrix. Create blogs, lead magnets, case studies, products, and social media posts directly in Notion. Prepare them for posting and track progress as your team works to get new content posted on your socials, website, and/or newsletter.

Track client projects and tasks

Keep up to date on all client projects and tasks. Make sure no deadlines are missed. Assign projects and tasks to a Lead, Support, and Reviewer. Projects and Tasks are tied back to clients and notes to ensure a complete picture about a client.

Manage your sales pipeline

Track all deals for new prospects within the sales pipeline page. Create tasks as needed and assign them to who needs to action them. Take notes during your discovery calls so you can follow up and prepare a proposal based on all important information from the call. Once a prospect accepts your proposal, easily convert them to a client in your client database.

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