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Pricing and Strategy

Present your pricing and strategy so anyone who reads your business plan knows exactly how you'll make a profit.

  1. Tables to outline pricing
  2. Strategy outlines based on what a consultant would build
  3. Pull it all together for easy understanding

Help them understand your Management Team

Explain the value and expertise behind the team.

  • Who's involved in the company
  • How they can help
  • Why they want to help

A Financial Plan and Projection

Be able to show potential lenders and investors that you have a realistic view of your financial plan by providing a projection.

  • Charts and graphs - a picture says a thousand words
  • Show where the investment will be used
  • Show the Return on Investment

Market and Competitive Analysis

Present a comprehensive market and competitive analysis to show your potential lenders and investors that you've done your research.

  1. Show a SWOT analysis of you and your competitors
  2. Show how your product/service is positioned in the market
  3. Explain your positioning statement

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