Cloud Bookkeeper

Help customers be more awesome by providing financial insights.

Who is Blueprint Accounting? 

We're a boutique accounting firm that partners with small businesses across Canada. We focus on small businesses generally with less than $2M in annual revenue and around 1-20 employees. Our customers work in various industries such as healthcare, cannabis, legal, marketing, and retail/ecommerce.

We live by our core values of: 

  • Think creatively
  • Act honestly
  • Always be learning
  • Optimism always wins
  • Produce quality work

These core values drive our interaction with each team member and our clients with the vision of producing Canada's best accounting experience by providing simple and effective solutions for small businesses.

Who are you? 

We look for new team members that have the following characteristics: 

  • Driven to strive for perfection, but knowing you'll never meet it
  • Passionate about client experience
  • Easy going and can get along with just about anyone
  • Will take accountability very seriously and own up to your mistakes
  • Brings solutions to the table, not just the problem

If this interests you then read on about the job description for our Cloud Bookkeeper role.

Our hiring process

We don't accept candidates that only submit their resume, so if you're going to apply then be prepared to jump through some hoops. We want to make sure you're interested in working at Blueprint and fit with our culture.

Here are the steps that you'll complete once you submit your resume: 

  1. Submit your resume (congrats, you completed the first step if you submitted already)
  2. You'll receive an email asking you to answer 5 questions and submit a Loom recording of yourself (instructions are in the email)
  3. We'll reach out to you to set up a first interview if we think you'd be an awesome team member
  4. Depending on the number of great candidates we get for any role, we may or may not have more interviews
  5. You may be asked to pass a background check and submit references (but only if we ask) 
  6. If we make you an offer, once we agree on everything we'll set a start date, and that's when the fun begins

Below is a description of duties that a Cloud Bookkeeper typically completes. After that is an explanation of how to apply. Follow the steps or you will be excluded from the candidate pool.


The Cloud Bookkeeper is a team member that completes day-to-day bookkeeping on behalf of Blueprint customers.



  • Reporting on financials during a meeting with a customer
  • Completing calculations for reconciliations of various asset and liability accounts


Expenses and Accounts payable

  • Process expense receipts and bills in Dext, publishing them to the accounting software
  • Reaching out to our customers vendors to gather their payment details
  • Entering vendor payment details into Plooto
  • Submitting, for approval, an AP Aging list to customers
  • Submitting, for approval, payments to approved vendors using Plooto
  • Reconciling payments against the bank feeds to ensure accurate accounting


  • Gathering employee information from the customers to add or update in the payroll software
  • Gathering pay period information to add to the payroll for the period
  • Sending the payroll for approval by the customer
  • Ensuring a journal entry is posted to the accounting software after each pay period
  • Completing any terminations post payroll approval within the payroll software
  • Reconciling the payroll liabilities account in the accounting software
  • Preparing T4’s during payroll year-end


  • Reconciling the bank and credit card feeds to ensure all transactions are accounted for
  • Sending a list of uncategorized transactions to the customer to approve
  • Reviewing AP Aging for duplicate transactions and removing duplicates
  • Performing a first review of the books using AutoReview to ensure accuracy before submission for a second review
  • Sending month-end reports to the customer


  • Updating customer process documentation where required
  • Updating customer information where required
  • Keeping tasks updated to current in our practice management software, Karbon


  • Salary starting at $45,000
  • Vacation starting at 4 weeks
  • December holiday shut-down (an extra 7-10 days off)
  • All electronic equipment provided for you
  • Health Spending Account of $2,400 annually
  • Work from anywhere