Keeping Track of Employee Vacation Time

As a company grows from a small company to a medium-sized one, you may need a few upgrades to your workflow systems. As the number of your employees increases, take note that you may have a more difficult time tracking their activities. Keeping records updated will become more difficult as your company grows.  

Look at it this way. If you had over 30 employees, you may be able to remember their attendance for a few days, at the most. However, when it is almost time for you to do payroll, most likely, you will not remember who was on paid leave on which days, who was absent, and who had perfect attendance for that pay period. To complicate matters even more, now that most companies have shifted to the work-from-home setup, it will be virtually impossible to track the whereabouts of each employee. This is where online vacation tracking software comes in.  

Why You Need to Keep track of Employee Vacation Time 

 Tracking the hours or days that your employees spend for their time off may translate into corresponding changes to their payroll. If they are on unpaid leave, you will need to deduct a certain amount from the total salary they will receive for the affected pay period. On the other hand, paid vacation leave means the amount will stay the same. Lastly, if they work on a holiday, the amount of their salary will stand to increase. Knowing which days your employees will be on leave for will help you accurately calculate your expenses for that particular month or tax period. 


Ways to Track Employee Vacation Time 

There are quick and easy ways to keep track of this important information. Instead of doing the task manually (which is extremely unwise and may often result in inaccuracies), here are a few methods you can try! 

1 - Use a Spreadsheet 

Using a spreadsheet will help you keep track of your employees. You will be able to have an accurate record of how many vacation days they have taken and how many they still have left.  

2 - Invest in Employee Management Software 

Investing in an employee management software will prove to be a good decision in the long run. With the proper software, you will be able to keep accurate records, just like with the spreadsheet option. However, this software will not be as easy to manipulate and will prevent fraud. You will also be able to file reports on your employees and have them easily stored and accessible in one convenient place. 

3 – Use a Database Software 

Software like Airtable makes it simple to manage employee time and time-off requests. Not only is the data in a highly customizable and searchable format, but you can manipulate it in various ways. 

For example, you can create an input form for when employees want to request time off. Including the various automation that Airtable has built-in, you can even have these requests route to the right approved and automatically populate in your database.  

Another great example worth Airtable is the ability to create what they call Interfaces. Using the data infrastructure in your database, you can create a custom internal app that functions similarly to an Employee Management Software.


Remember that keeping track of your employees’ time off work, as well as their daily attendance will help make it easier for you to prepare your financial statements and tax documents. After all, employee salaries will factor in attendance. This is an expense that should appear accurately in your financial statements and computations for your tax documents. Making sure to accurately record employee vacation time and time working will play an important role in the successful filing of your financial statements. 

If you want to have an accurate record of your employee vacation leaves and have a convenient and easy-to-use accounting system to boot, contact Blueprint Accounting! We are tech-enthusiast that just happen to be accountants that want to help you get the best out of your accounting software!

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